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Support Our Library

A library and a community share a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Each is stronger for helping the other.

How has the library helped you?

How could you help the library?

On this page you can learn more about making a memorial donation, volunteering,

tax-deductible giving, donating books

and more.

Memorial Donations

In Memory Of...

Alvan Marcum

Alvan Marcum

by Rob & Donna Gossard

Alvan Marcum

Alvan Marcum

by Rob & Donna Gossard

Bill Meyers

Bill Meyers

by Rob & Donna Gossard

Richie Pruitt

Richie Pruitt

by Rob & Donna Gossard

Richie Pruitt

Richie Pruitt

by Rob & Donna Gossard

Karen Owens

Karen Owens

by Rob & Donna Gossard

Karen Owens

Karen Owens

by Rob & Donna Gossard

You can make a donation in memory of a loved one.

Fill in the form below to begin.

Thank you. Your request has been sucessfully submitted. The library will be in touch soon.



The library accepts donations of clean, used books and DVDs.

Books should be clean, undamaged, and have been published within the last ten years. DVDs must be new or like new.

Donated items may be added to the collection for circulation

or placed in our book sale. Proceeds from the book sale go to support the library, so either way, it's a win for the library 


Would you like to get out of the house for a while and 

surround yourself with books?

Perhaps you'd like to give back to the community with your professional skills in your free time.

Consider volunteering at the library. 

Click on the appropriate application below or

stop by the library for more details.

Application for Junior Volunteers (ages 12-17)

Application for Adult Volunteers 


You can make tax-deductible contributions to the library

by cash or check.

If you wish to specify an area of interest for the contribution like

children's books, large print books, special interest non-fiction,

a favorite fiction genre, etc., 

we will be happy to accommodate you and provide a receipt. 

You can also purchase a magazine subscription for the library. 

Just set the delivery address to:

Willow Springs Public Library

PO Box 68, Willow Springs, MO 65793

Best Choice Labels

The Best Choice Save-A-Label program donates

$.03 per UPC label to non-profit organizations.

To help the library, simply cut out the full UPC code

on any Best Choice products you purchase.

Make sure to include the "Best Choice" wording.

Save up your labels and bring them in to the library. 

The library will redeem the labels for funds to purchase 

new material for you to check out and enjoy!

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