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Internet Access & Public Computer Policy

The purpose of the Willow Springs Public Library (WSPL) in making the Internet available to its patrons is to provide public access to electronic information and to provide the use with resources not available within the collection of the library. Brightspeed is the Internet Service Provider (ISP), supplying the modem and software to connect to the Internet. MOREnet of Columbia, MO meters the 30mb connection, and provides web traffic monitoring, IT support, and web filtering for all public, staff, and laptop computers and public wi-fi.


  • Under 18 USC section 1030, public library computers are “protected” computers. Adding, removing, or altering the software or hardware, hacking or attempting to exceed the guest access of a library computer is a federal offense. Patrons may not damage or alter the equipment or software or download any file, game, or program that may harm the WSPL computer system.


  • The Internet is an unregulated, global medium. While Internet filtering will block nearly all sites that contain illegal or pornographic material, permitted sites may still allow access to material that may be offensive, inappropriate, inaccurate, or unsafe. WSPL cannot be held responsible for content or information found on the Internet. Not all information found is accurate, complete, or up-to-date.


  • WSPL reserves the right to monitor patrons’ Internet use and may terminate the computer access of any patron accessing inappropriate material. Users may only access email, sites, and videos that are not offensive, violent, or contain adult content. Users may not send, receive, or display graphics that are indecent or reasonably considered blatantly offensive.


  • WSPL may regulate a patron’s computer use for length of time to ensure equal access for everyone. Patrons must sign in on the Computer Sign-In Sheet at the circulation desk prior to using the public computers. Patrons should limit their time on the computers when others are waiting; preferably to 30 minutes. Failure to observe time limits may result in loss of computer privileges.


  • WSPL affirms the right and responsibility of parents/guardians to determine and monitor their children’s use of computers/Internet. Minors (persons under 18 years) are required to have a parent/guardian sign in for their computer access. Unaccompanied minors must have a parent/guardian signed consent form before they are permitted to use the computers.


  • Patrons must not represent themselves as another user or attempt to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to another user.


  • Patrons may not copy or print copyrighted materials. It is the user’s responsibility to determine the legality and ethics of copying, printing, or using data found on the Internet.


  • Patrons may not use the WSPL computers in any way which violates the law or causes others to violate the law, or that causes harm to others or damages their property or reputation. In the event of criminal investigation, WSPL will give access to web monitoring data to law enforcement.


  • Patrons may use personal devices with the WSPL wi-fi and may plug them into available electrical outlets. Cords must not pose a safety hazard. All computer policies (except time limits) remain in effect for personal devices which are subject to web filtering.


  • A patron’s access to WSPL computers and Internet is a privilege, not a right. WSPL resrves the right to terminate a patron’s computer privilege for any behavior that violates WSPL policies.


  • WSPL reserves the right to set rules as needed and to revise this policy in response to changes in, or concerns about the library’s information technology environment.

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